Tropical Hibiscus Hoop Earrings


These hibiscus hoop earrings are truly a tropical treat that will make you feel like you are in the Caribbean anywhere you go!

Carla bends sterling silver into the shape of hibiscus petals with her hands and a pliers.

She takes the 5 petals and places them into the hibiscus shape she wants, then she solders the petals together.

She adds a stamen by soldering a piece of rounded silver to the hibiscus petals and melting silver into tiny balls to form pollen balls for the hibiscus stamen ends.

Carla solders the completed hibiscus into large sterling silver hoops that she forms and adds earring loops for hanging.

She then adds a handmade ear hook to the completed showy Caribbean flowers.

You will get infinite compliments with these detailed hibiscus hoop earrings!

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