5 things we love about St. Croix

Here are 5 random things we love about living and working in St. Croix (in no particular order):

The Weather

The average temperature on St. Croix rarely exceeds 85°F (30°C) and never really dips below 75°F (24°C). When it rains, it rarely lasts more than 10 minutes. And when the rain does last longer, we cheer because that means the cisterns are filling up!

Blue skies are the norm, the waters are so clear sometimes you can see the marine life with the naked eye.

Contrary to popular belief, the busiest time on the island seems to be December through April, even though most travel guides say this is “off-season”. I think the reason is a lot of the snowbirds visit St. Croix during that time, so in our view, it gets busier. But these are our friends and neighbors, so good to have them back on the island.

The Beaches

St. Croix has some of the best beaches in the Virgin Islands. Funny, since a big portion is dominated by a refinery and shipping containers! That said, there are over 30 beaches around the island, and those are just the ones with names! Every beach is publicly available (thanks, Governor!)

The western beaches are going to get more rain, but as stated above, the rain does not last long, so enjoy the cool refreshing weather while its there. Some of our favorite beaches:

  • Sandcastles
  • Rainbow
  • Cane Bay
  • Buccaneer
  • Chenay

These are just the main beaches that everyone knows about. If you want to know the “secret” beaches, come visit us on the island and we will share!

The Restaurants and Bars

This should go without saying, but the bars on St. Croix is where everything happens. Sure, there are the festivals, and excursions to Buck Island, and watching the sunrise at Point Udal, and 20 other things that every travel blog will point out. But if you are like us, the heartbeat of the island is at the local watering holes! Living closer to the East end vs. the West end of the island means we spend more time at the following locations. If you hit any one of these, you are sure to see us there, eventually…

  • Ziggy’s
  • Castaways
  • Bungalows at the Bay
  • Deep End
  • Hotel at the Cay
  • Shupe’s on the Boardwalk
  • Brew STX
  • The Deck Bar at Rum Runners

The Music

Finally! The music scene is starting to revive on the island! The impact Covid had on our live entertainment circuit was really a bummer, but it coming around. Some of the folks we hang out with and visit regularly include the following:

  • Kurt Schindler
  • Mama’s Black Sheep
  • No Problemo
  • Pete Leske
  • Purafire
  • Steve Katz

The People

At the end of the day, what makes St. Croix such a great place to call home is the people you meet along the way. It is a special place where everyone you meet is friendly and willing to help out when needed. Do you remember that old television program “Cheers”, and everytime Norm walked into the bar, the whole bar would yell out “Norm!”. Ya, that’s how it feels at St. Croix.

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